Seth Mattox

At the age of 35, Seth Mattox is a 10 year + Serial Entrepreneur with multiple multi-million dollar businesses under his belt. He received a self-funded Bachelors in Science from USF Tampa in Finance with zero debt. He then taught himself how to code multiple languages and began his entrepreneurial journey at 23. His web development/marketing agency, founded with his childhood friend, became the basis for several more companies over the next decade. The most successful were a gaming chair importing company called OPSEAT and the World’s largest Minecraft Hosting company Apex Hosting. The ecommerce importing company partnered with Esports teams, Youtubers, Twitch streamers and grossed $4m in sales its first year. The game hosting company grew to 90k subscribers, 50 staff, and sold in Nov 2021 for a mid-eight figure sum. He now operates as a St. Petersburg based Investor focusing on hard money loans backed by Real estate. Having lended more than $5m+ over 3 years in this sector, he is also an advisor to Tampa based Web3 fund Druid Ventures and is a self described futurist and crypto evangelist. His technical focus is now on AI and Automation based technologies in between travel and working on his Golf swing.

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